On a space we want to stay at,

a yard full of light under the high ceiling

with emptiness in the urban center.

Where the trace of time and the memories of place landed,

architecture serves to make relationships

and creates new stories.

A landscape facing the quiet nature,

aspiring to become one with the nature,

inspired with spatial experience crossing the border....

A space comfortable as it is there now,

the creative every day to be housed in a natural order

is what we expect.

Based on what we have long experienced,

to create a new experience

that integrates design and technology,


We pursue an architecture based on the needs and lived experiences of people using the place.
We embody human-centered spaces with endless research on human life and activities.


We place in a space the relationships between people and nature, architecture and the city.
Our architecture relates to society, with buildings designed by understanding the context, and the form and space communicate with each other in harmony.


We embody evidence-based design through rational thinking and new suggestions on human life.
We realize the more creative everyday based on universal rationality established in the process.


Our seasoned professionals in each field with design and technology value the process heading towards a goal.
Now and forever, we will lead the development of architecture through the integrated design-technology system.

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