The best professionals who have gained plenty of experiences and know-hows through various
projects are the source of Junglim’s competitiveness to provide the highest-quality service.

Junglim CM

Collaboration Makes Values.

Junglim’s construction management is driven by the top-class experts equipped with built-up technical skills and know-hows.

Junglim CM is a group of about 350 professionals including registered architects, certified engineers, special technicians, and LEED certified professionals.

Status of Junglim Engineers

Junglim Architecture has the best CM group of about 350 professionals.

Status of Junglim Engineers: Professional Engineer 98,KIRA’s ,CM professional 40,LEED AP+GA 28,CVC-P 11, Cost Engineer, etc. 9
Junglim CM Introduce Diagram : 1.Design Part-D-Lab,T-Lab 2.CM Part-CM Tech Lab, Advisory Committee 3.KM System-CM+PMIS

Why Do We Need Junglim’s CM?

Why Do We Need Junglim’s CM? Phase 5 Introduce Diagram : 1.Due to the increasing risks as modern construction industry becomes bigger, more complicated, and advanced. 2.To have abilities of professionalized and systemized management and actively cope with risks 3.To overcome limitations of the separate orders of design and construction 4.To figure out and resolve the project owner’s various and higher needs 5.To create high values-added with efficient construction management
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