The best professionals who have gained plenty of experiences and know-hows through various
projects are the source of Junglim’s competitiveness to provide the highest-quality service.

Construction Supervision (CS)

Junglim CM's Construction Supervision (CS) Service

Construction supervision (CS) is to supervise the process of completing facilities as per the criteria prescribed by the national laws.
Junglim CM endeavors to complete buildings based on its built-up technical skills without faulty work. The management system, the on-site system for technical sharing, and the professional service organization at the headquarters work in unison to provide buildings with perfection.

Junglim CM’s supervision service operates in the unified system of the on-site (full-time resident) staff and the off-site (non-resident) headquarters.
We provide the better quality service by actively utilizing the IT sharing system that connects construction professionals from each trade.

Project Management Information System (PMIS), On-site staff (Quality Mgmt. Team, Schedule Mgmt. Team, Construction Cost Mgmt), Headquarters (Technical Advisory Committee, Technical Mgmt. Team, Operation Mgmt. Team), Knowledge Management System (CM+)

Main Scope of Work

Main Scope of Work Phase 4 Introduce Diagram: 1.Quality :Securing design quality(Systematically operating integrated design, Operating an optimal design-based CM organization), Securing construction quality(Constructing by pre-checking techniques, Building an on-site quality mgmt. system) 2.Cost:Adequacy of construction cost(Managing the actual construction cost, Establishing the goal of budget mgmt.),Design/construction VE(Eliciting design/construction VE, Similar project performance cases) 3.Schedule:Managing main construction techniques(Applicability of main construction techniques, Managing construction/schedule),Managing construction/schedule(Phased measures of field supervision., Systematic simulation elements) 4.Safety / Ecology:1. Field safety management(Structural safety by construction phases, Safety elements by construction techniques),Environment-friendly construction management(Regular environmental check, Eliciting environment-friendly architectural elements)
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