As a leader in the half-century history of Korean modern architecture, Junglim Architecture has been successfully performing
large-scale projects in and out of country with differentiated design and outstanding technology by seasoned professionals.

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DB인재개발원 DB Learning Center Gymnasium & Library
동탄2 이마트 Dongtan emart Traders
오송임상시험센터 Chungbuk National University Hospital Osong Clincal ...
여수웅천캐슬스타 Ungcheon Castlestar, Yeosu
스탈릿성수 Starlit Seongsu
위스테이지축 Westay Jichuk, Goyang
광주제일풍경채 Kwangju Junghung3 district redevelopment
LH대전전도안행복3단지 Deajeon Doan LH Happy 3 Twon
아모레 뷰티 제3사업장 Amore pacific Beauty 3 Campus
원주세브란스 새병원 Wonju Severance Christian New Hospita and Pre-clinic...
정림태평로wokrplace Junglim Taepyeongro Head Office Workplace
SFC BIO 연구소 신축 SFC BIO Laboratory
서플러스 반도체 글러스터 Surplus Global Semiconductor Cluster
SK하이닉스M16 SK Hynix M16
행복만빵 Happymore Bakery Factory
가산데이터허브센터 Gasan Data Hub Center
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