Samjin Pharm Research Center

Special Information
  • Client Samjin
  • Award 2022 The 40th Seoul Architecture Award_The Grand Prize
    2022 Korea Architecture Award_The Grand Prize
  • Gross Area (㎡) 13,368.77

Alternatively, moving away from the existing leasehold system and building a new R&D center shows that Samjin Pharmacy has a big plan in the industry. The research center is located in Ma-gok district where the development is still on-going. It is like Tabula Rasa but there are various urban contextual codes and limitations on the site.
Generally, the R&D center has a closed impression. However, the new R&D center is a new example of an urban research center that shows a connection with the surroundings based on their belief of coexistence that they have pursued until today.

* facade design consultant: The System Lab

Project Information
  • Region Seoul, Korea
  • Market Education/Research
  • Site area 2,028.00㎡
  • Building area 1,154.38㎡
  • Total floor area 13,368.77㎡
  • Total floor basement level 4floor and ground 8floor
  • Design year 2016year
  • Completion year 2021year
삼진제약 마곡연구소
삼진제약 마곡연구소
삼진제약 마곡연구소
삼진제약 마곡연구소
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