Changwon Hanmaeum Hospital

Special Information
  • Client Hanmaeum International Medical Center
  • Gross Area (㎡) 109,151.08
  • Floors 4/9

Changwon Hanmaeum hospital is a project to be newly established around the subway area, central Changwon. Its goal is to expand the existing medical service in the downtown area and reorganize it into a modern medical facility, so that it can become a patient-centered and reliable hospital for locals. It has been planned to have various themed spaces inside and outside the building so that the hospital can play a role of a place offering improved quality of life and cultural event exchange. It will be newly built as a medical and cultural landmark based on the spirit of love and sharing of Hanmaeum hospital.

Project Information
  • Region Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea
  • Market Medical/Welfare
  • Site area 23,999.00㎡
  • Building area 12,126.26㎡
  • Total floor area 109,151.08㎡
  • Total floor basement level 4floor and ground 9floor
  • Design year 2015year
  • Completion year 2021year
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