SK Heritage Museum

Special Information
  • Client SK telecom, SK academy
  • Award 2020 The 25th Gyeonggi Architecture Culture Festival_The Bronze prize
  • Gross Area (㎡) 1,241.17

As the site of the former Sunkyung Textile, the matrix of SK Group, became redeveloped, it was inevitable to tear down the main building (the first building used as its office) and the administration building (the first building). Preparing “a memorial for the founder and a corporate promotion hall” by relocating these two buildings restoratively into another site was the starting point of SK Memorial Hall. The new site is the SK Academy Training Center site which is about 29 km away to the southeast from the former Sunkyung Textile. As the two buildings have shared a long history with the existing site, building them on a new site requires the more values than a simple restoration.

“Creative restoration”

Just as you transplant a tree along with the dirt sticking to the root, this project was to recover the spatial context, in which the two buildings have shared with the history of the site, on a new land. The main entranceway which has held up the everyday life of SK people for 60 years became its abstract expression as a reflecting pond placed on the new site. Next to the pond was built the main building which had remained at the space of the everyday. The administration building was placed down a floor (at the first basement courtyard) not to make interference with the main building, but to take over the circulation from it along with the additionally acquired space of exhibition underground. The symbolic axis that connects SK Academy and the old site, which was built into the stairs starting from the sunken garden of the memorial, improves the spatial value along with the memorial courtyard. The spatial context in which the main building and the administration building shared on the former Sunkyung Textile site becomes reborn in this experiential space of the SK history.

Project Information
  • Region Gyeonggi-do, Korea
  • Market Culture/Exhibition
  • Site area 9,059.00㎡
  • Building area 860.36㎡
  • Total floor area 1,241.17㎡
  • Total floor basement level 1floor and ground 2floor
  • Design year 2017year
  • Completion year 2019year
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