KCC Switzen in Yeongjong Sky City

Special Information
  • Client KCC E&C
  • Award 2020 The 24th Best Living Apartment Competition by Maeil Business Newspaper_The grand prize
  • Gross Area (㎡) 117,013.87

The Block A35 is located around the entrance of Yeongjong Sky City, under the height limitation to 21 stories. Gridded layout was used to establish the view-opening axis and for landscape planning. This is enabled by considering specialization of the ground-floor units and how to treat the rooftop and side units. Terraces were opened by two floors to help enjoy the outdoor space anytime, and the masses on the ground floor were projected to create the terrace house on the upper floor. The concept of horizontal terrace applied to housing buildings was also extended to that of vertical terrace applied to the sunken plaza or the subsidiary bridge facilities, thus creating more complex combination of the inside and the outside.

Project Information
  • Region Incheon, Korea
  • Market Housing
  • Site area 54,205.46㎡
  • Building area 8,884.17㎡
  • Total floor area 117,013.87㎡
  • Total floor basement level 2floor and ground 21floor
  • Design year 2016year
  • Completion year 2019year
영종 하늘도시 스위첸
영종 하늘도시 스위첸
영종 하늘도시 스위첸
영종 하늘도시 스위첸
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