Shinyoung Securities Headquarters Remodeling

Special Information
  • Client Shinyoung Securities
  • Award 2018 Korea Remodeling Award_The grand prize
    2018 The 3rd Green Remodeling Award_The bronze prize
    2018 The 13th Korea Ecological Architecture & Environment Award_The excellence prize
  • Gross Area (㎡) 27,200.98

Yeoeui-do, where Shinyoung Securies is located, is a highly significant area in Seoul, which is one of the top three priority areas designated the three central cores of Seoul by the Seoul City Master Plan 2030. However, the present Yeoeui-do becomes a dark or inanimate desolate area by nights and weekends, with its local characteristics weakened dramatically due to the outflow of financial and broadcasting facilities; this situation necessitated the creation of a new vitalizer of Yeoeui-do rather than simply remodeling it. The remodeling desired by Shinyoung Securities was about a space that sells knowledge instead of stocks, about a complex cultural space that suggests a new lifestyle, so as to rediscover financing and realize value investment through the reasonable remodeling of the headquarters building. Healthy spaces inside and outside, such as the media cube linking the sunken with the newly established outdoor deck, the lower-level cultural performance stage and retail space, the open-air workspace, the multipurpose meeting room and the staff lounge on the 11th floor, and the staff cafeteria linked with the roof landscaping, are expected to become the characteristics spaces of Yeoeui-do where finance and culture make harmony with the new facade conceptualizing solidity. 

Project Information
  • Region Seoul, Korea
  • Market Remodeling
  • Site area 3,602.00㎡
  • Building area 1,810,98㎡
  • Total floor area 27,200.98㎡
  • Total floor basement level 4floor and ground 12floor
  • Design year 2016year
  • Completion year 2018year
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